Starlost Wiki

Starlost has a lengthy single player campaign, spanning over 17 sectors. Players travel between sectors via the mothership, and unlock new sectors by finding warp keys through story-driven events.

Sector 1: Quantum Rift[]

This sector contains the tail end of a dangerous quantum anomaly. The first sector of Starlost introduces the core gameplay mechanics to new players.

Sector 2: Emerald Nebula[]

A dense green nebula, this sector contains plenty of resources to assist in ship repairs.

RU Farm Location

Sector 3: Outskirts of Emerald Nebula[]

This sector is host to a large planetoid, surrounded by scrap we can collect and analyse.

Sector 4: Emerald Asteroid Cluster[]

A large cluster of asteroids are masking a considerable portion of scrap materials that we can collect.

Sector 5: The Reaper of Kalichi[]

Sometimes the only way forward is through. Defeat the enemy to continue.

Sector 6: Hammerhead Reef[]

A slash of gravitational inconsistencies, lightyears in size but only a few thousand meters deep, the Hammerhead Reef forces all vessels to drop out of warp and move through at sublight speeds - until they are clear of the reef and can recommence FTL travel.

RU Farm Location

Sector 7: Holding Orbit[]

Fields of asteroids ripe for the picking, this sector should provide a much needed boost to our resources.

Sector 8: The Unknown[]

Masked coordinates are preventing a scan of the region. Advise caution.

Sector 9: Hunter Stronghold[]

The coordinates loaded from the Hunter Jumpship we destroyed point to an unknown area of deepspace. Assessment: Hunter base of operations.

RU Farm Location

Sector 10: Moon AE451-7[]

An abandoned outpost orbits this small moon. Wreckage is peppered throughout the sector.

Sector 11: Industrial Shipyard North[]

The northern sector of an active naval shipyard, a pulsing heart of industry.

Sector 12: Industrial Shipyard East[]

The eastern sector of an active naval shipyard, a pulsing heart of industry.

Sector 13: Battle of Brighton's Belt[]

Remnants of an ancient battle are scattered across this sector, along with multiple resource-rich asteroids.

RU Farm Location

Sector 14: The Kuiper Belt[]

The Kuiper Belt is nestled deep within the galaxy, and consists of a dangerous moving asteroid belt.

Sector 15: Heart of the Rift[]

Deep in the heart of enemy space, an array of rocket pods are in orbit of a barren, desolate world.

Sector 16: Crystal Clusters of Delta Pisces[]

The crystal fields of Delta Pisces refer to floating asteroids with glowing red crystals embedded inside them.

Nanocore Farm Location

Sector 17: Homeworld[]

An average sized planet sits alone in space, emitting some form of distress call... Note: As of February 15, 2019, there is no more campaign content following the post-level cutscene.


Sector 1: Spam Mining Laser. When enemies spawn, you can flee to the mothership or ram into them.

Sector 2: Keep the same layout as in Sector 1, except with a few weapons (preferably railguns) to be safe.

Sectors 3 & 4: Just do the same thing, but do not provoke the enemy. Try to get enough credits to spam Ion Cannon and/or railgun. Get the Proximity mine subsystem.

Sector 5: Before Yama spawns, spam mines all over the place, and spam Ion cannons and Railguns. Mine all the resources afterwards.

Sector 6: Don't go to the anomaly until you have a lot of heavy weaponry. Maybe get 3 Harvesters and 3 Phantoms, so you can mine the map while you sit on the mothership. Then when you get to the anomaly, go to the gate, and you can blow it up with your heavy weaponry.

Sector 7: Get 3 Harvesters and 3 Phantoms to mine the map, but try not to carry resources as if you get killed by an asteroid, you will either have to waste a precious Nanocore, or lose all the resources that you are carrying. There are a lot of resources in this sector, so use it to upgrade your weapons thoroughly.

Sector 8: Use Quantum Artillery!

Sector 9: This is a fairly hard sector compared to the others near it, so you want to get good weaponry before going here. Forward beam is good for destroying buildings and large groups of ships. Alternatively, using powerful turrets like fusion sabots or bleeders would work for the buildings, and an abyss generator for the enemies.

Sector 10: Anubis is located here. He will emergency repair and teleport upon near death. The level allows the player to collect scrap resources there in peace for several minutes. When the player finds a "repository" the bossfight will start. It is recommended to spam tier 2 hellfire missles, 2 tier 3 intercoolers, and spam guardian drones. For subsystems, an emergency nanorepair, an alternator, a fully upgraded deployable pulse laser, and a synthesiser. This loadout is effective with bosses and swarms of all sorts, champion enemies, and bosses from this level all the way up to level 16's pillar destruction objective. Be sure to upgrade hull and shield HP to provide protection from the abomination, and upgrade the power core, because, well, spamming tier 2 hellfire missile pods will surely chew on a huge chunk of your energy meter.

Sector 17: Shiva is a very agile, powerful boss, and posesses a large health pool. For this, the same loadout as mentioned above will solve the problem twice, but when she backs out for a third time, it won't be effective. She will be more speedy, harder to hit and damage, and gains more powerful attacks. Experiment.