Starlost Wiki

This page lists the mechanics of the game Starlost

The Basics[]

Starlost involves moving around the map and activating abilities in order to survive the merciless waves of The Collective.

In order to power these abilities and your ship resources must be collected from the environment and the primary source is asteroids. Resources can be mined from asteroids by utilising the Mining Laser or Harvester drone to heat the asteroid and have it explode. Upon exploding the asteroid spews out chunks of resources which can be collected by the Tractor Beam or Shepherd drone.

The Mothership[]

Your mothership controlled by the benevolent AI Ceres is your home and base of operations in Starlost. You can access the mothership by docking at the blue access port and pressing the dock button. The mothership also contains drop off points for resources as well as a recharge pad that recharges energy and hull hitpoints over time. Six turrets also assist in fending off attacks by The Collective.

Inside the mothership you have access to purchasing Turrets, Drones and Upgrades to assist you in surviving and thriving in the hostile environment of space.


Combat with The Collective occurs automatically via your Turrets as well as activated and passive abilities granted to you by your selection of Subsystems.

Health is determined by a combination of Hull and Shields with the shield's recharging shortly after their last hit. Hull is repaired by hovering over the repair pad at the mothership or via the Emergency Nanorepair or Synthesizer subsystems.

Energy is the lifeblood of your ships weapons, subsystems and movement abilities without it you'll find you quickly perish. Energy can be regained by charging at the mothership, utilising the Auxiliary Generator or Alternator subsystems or collecting power orbs that occasionally drop.

Boosting allows you to quickly dodge incoming fire or maneuver around enemies to achieve a tactical advantage. Boosting however comes at a cost, consuming both a boost charge and power from your ships reserves. Boost charges are regained over time and the total amount and recharge time depends on your Boost upgrade level.


Being an ex-navy vessel and having received encrypted broadcasts over the years Ceres is full to the brim with unlockable upgrades and other advancements since her time in the war. By spending RU you can unlock these Upgrades to improve your chances. Upgrades are applied automatically upon purchase and despite their cost always provide an advantage.