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Starlost is a free-to-play space adventure top-down shooter available for mobile devices.

A Bitter Secret in a Ravaged World[ | ]

Stranded in space, use cunning and skill against the Collective - a lethal robotic horde - to ensure the survival of your ship! Make your way back to Earth... if you can.

In this top-down shooter, mine asteroids to acquire resources - then use those resources to research and build weaponry, upgrades and unique skills. Perfect your loadout as you battle and destroy thousands of enemies. Build drones to assist you in combat and mining, and eventually face off against a god...

A space adventure like no other. Visit our Google Play page to download for free!

  • "One of the Best Game on mobile for me. I don't know how you do it but keep it up. The game name also suits the game.Thanks for this awesome game :)" -The SDS Team
  • "The visuals are of high quality and it leaves me with anticipation for other levels. The communication within the game makes me feel like I'm in the game." -K. Motsepe

The Developer[ | ]

Hoodwinked Studios is a small 2-man team based in Perth, Western Australia.

Game support[ | ]

Starlost Wiki is focused on creating the definitive guide to Starlost. But while we make an effort to be complete, which may include game bugs and fixes for them, we are not an official game support channel. For support, please refer to the game's help page. Contact options are listed at the bottom of the page.

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