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Starlost is a top-down space shooter, mixing tower defense, bullet hell, and classic RPG elements with gorgeous 3D graphics. Take control of Axel in an unforgettable epic story mode campaign.
~ from the Google store page
Starlost is a space grinder. Stranded in space, use cunning and skill against the Collective — a lethal robotic horde — to ensure the survival of your ship! Make your way back to Earth... if you can. In this top-down Asteroid-like shooter, mine asteroids and space debris to acquire resources, then use those resources to research and build weaponry, upgrades and unique skills. Perfect your loadout as you battle and destroy thousands of enemies. Build drones to assist you in combat and mining, and eventually face off against a god.
Space shooter
E (Everyone 10+)
Platforms and Release dates
April 21, 2018